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Ryszard & Monica
Easter Saturday 20 April 2019

PRIVATE LESSONS – by appointment at 10am, 11am, 12am.

A. Tango – 2.00pm – 3.30pm
Tango class milonguero (close embrace) connection and musicality in the dance
B. Valse – 4pm – 5.30pm
Valse connection and musicality in the dance

MILONGA – A good helping of traditional music in tandas plus a hint of alternative later on.
8.00pm – 12.00pm

Rode Memorial Hall, High Street, RODE, BA11 6PB

BOOKING – workshops suitable for dancers with over 6 months experience. Milonga open to all.
Prices – 1 workshop £17, 2 workshops £30. Milonga £12. Both workshops & milonga £40).
Email your requirements to Pete Sign-up info will be sent and places allocated on receipt of payment.

PRIVATE LESSONS available on request. £55 per hour, one person or couple. Contact Pete

Ryszard Musial and Monika Wydrowska
Dancers and Dance Teachers

Inspired and fascinated by the improvisational approach of Argentine Tango dancers, Ryszard and Monika  started studying and exploring different dance styles. All the time, they were searching for and exploring the core element of improvisation in these different styles. In the years following, they continued their experiments, taking lessons from Argentine Tango masters like: Ana Maria Schapira, Horacio Godoy, Julio Balmaceda, Dana Frigoli, Pablo Veron, Maria Plazaola and the legendary Geraldine Rojas to mention just a few… At the same time they were working on many dance-based projects, videos and short film productions, combining improvised music with different improvised dance forms. Six of their short films were televised by Polish TV and shown in festivals around the world, winning many Prizes and Awards.

Expressing their creativity in these different media was rewarding, and satisfying, but Ryszard and Monika also developed a hunger to teach Argentine Tango and took part as leading teachers in a series of workshops dedicated to Argentine Tango organised in Poland under the title: ‘Tango Argentino – the Art of Improvisation’ (2008-2010).

In the beginning of year 2011 they were invited to take part in theatre production – ‘Midnight Tango’. During their record-breaking, four months long UK tour, they performed Argentine Tango in 120 spectacles and sold more than 200,000 tickets (today this figure reached 1 million). Huge success of this show led to subsequent live cinema screening and DVD release in UK.

In October 2011 Ryszard and Monika performed Argentine Tango show in Gran Hotel in Tenerife together with tango legend – Milena Plebs.

In February 2012 and again in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2018 they were invited to perform tango exhibition in the popular and respected milonga – ‘La Baldosa’ in Buenos Aires. Additionally in 2018 they performed at Milonga Parakultural in Salon Canning and in the Milonga de Los Domingos at El Beso. This way Ryszard and Monika became one of the very first Polish tango couples to have the honour of dancing an Argentine Tango exhibitions in the most famous Tango places of Buenos Aires.