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Leszes Tango offers weekly Argentine Tango dance classes in Bath. Our lessons are thoughtfully crafted to ensure a fun and immersive experience. We believe in laying a strong foundation, which is why our classes begin with essential elements such as balance drills, the embrace, dance etiquette, and musicality, before moving on to more advanced moves.

At the beginner level, we emphasize the importance of mastering the basic foundations. These fundamental skills serve as building blocks, allowing our students to progress confidently to the improver/intermediate classes. In these classes, we focus on refining core steps through repetition, constantly striving for improvement. As students become more adept, we also delve into embellishments and ladies’ styling, adding a touch of elegance and flair to their dancing.

Join us at Leszes Tango, where we prioritize skill development, enjoyment, and the artistry of Argentine Tango. New dancers of every level, age and background are always welcome to the classes. No partner required! Just turn up.

What to wear? Just come along with a comfortable pair of shoes, preferably light and with soft suede leather sole. For ladies, strapped heels or flat slippers. DETAILS OF CLASSES

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Argentine tango classes in Bath

Learn the fundamentals for this elegant and romantic dance from total beginner to improver levels. Lesz Smolarek, who has been dancing Argentine tango for over 20 years, takes the lead role in the class. He has danced in Buenos Aires, Italy, France & Poland. Assistant followers will be on hand on most evenings. Lesz has been taught by various Argentine tango maestros during his years in development since 2002. He has helped establish tango classes in Bristol, Bradford on Avon and Bath. Assisting the teaching of classes in his early years gave a deeper understanding of the art of tango and opening his own tango school was the natural progression.

Lesz’s aim is to simplify the the learning path for students to perfect their technique and musicality. His classes are taught with encouragement and fun for both leaders and followers. Classes are structured so everyone has a chance to dance with each other on a rotational order throughout. This appreciation of the varied interpretations we all have, better equips us on our tango journey.

Lesz takes a friendly approach in sharing his knowledge and love of this amazing dance with constant positive feedback to the group. Basic drills for posture and ‘walking’ are regularly worked on at the start of each beginner lesson. This is not just for beginners but also helpful for improvers to get into the tango mindset before working on more challenging moves.




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